Repeta is a family owned and operated Australian business with over 40 years of experience in the polymer manufacturing industry.
Encompassing 3 generations concentrating on the same goal and sharing the same passion, we have forged a strong and dependable reputation within the industry. Armed with substantial expertise, experience, and training in polymer processing and technology, we are dedicated to ensuring the best quality extruded resins are made available to our customers.
Our re-compounded resins possess a high degree of precision and effectiveness.
We have a sincere desire to serve both our customers and our supplier’s needs and to form a successful partnership with each one. A strong commitment to providing individualised service has proven beneficial for customers, suppliers and our own business.
We provide our customers with quality extruded resins, manufactured to strict processing standards, and customised specifically for their own needs. Our knowledge and experience combined with extensive facilities, and strict processing standards enables us to manufacture reprocessed resin to our Customers exact specifications, and to produce a re-compounded material that not only provides a significant economical advantage over prime material, but which can in most instances also compete in performance with the prime resin it replaces. Our ability to create custom compounds designed specifically for our customer’s requirements and to exacting specifications allows our resins to be used in a variety of different applications and manufacturing processes, including, injection moulding, blow moulding, film and other extrusion processes, as well as rotational moulding applications.
We are committed to ensuring local markets are sustained and that Australian manufacturers have the best chance of remaining profitable and competitive. By closing the industry loop and creating value from locally sourced industrial feedstock, along with returning locally manufactured products back into local markets our goal is to increase the likelihood of ensuring the longevity and sustainable development of our local industry. We have embraced a pro-active policy to ensure that this goal is pursued and that it remains a high priority well into the future.